Sold Wood Flooring

Upgrade the Look of Your Home with Solid Wooden Flooring

We specialize in offering and providing any type of custom flooring solutions that compliment your living or working space design. Whether you are remodeling your house or workplace, our professional workers will surpass your expectations with high quality craftsmanship.Our solid wooden flooring choices are ideal for adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to your décor.

Explore Our Wooden Flooring Collection in Dubai

Our flooring store offers the most comprehensive selection of wooden flooring in the city. To create a beautiful interior look, our range includes a variety of wood types and sophisticated styles.

When Is Solid Wood Floor A Good Choice?

The fundamental difference between solid wood and engineered wood flooring in terms of “performance” is that fixing solid wood blocks is easier than repairing other forms of flooring, such as engineered wood or laminate.
Future repairs are simple and inexpensive, because to the material’s ability to be sanded, resurfaced, oiled, and polished several times. Repairs and upkeep might be more difficult and costly with engineered wood, depending on the thickness of the top layer.
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