Cow Hide

Use Cow Hides to Redesign Your Home's Appearance

Cow hides are the finest alternative for everyone if you are remodeling your house and want to add something special and unusual to the flooring in your living room that would draw guests. These carpets are highly adaptable and may completely change the appearance of a space in any style of interior design, including classic and modern.

We Are Dubai's Greatest Cowhide Rugs Store

You have come to the right spot if you have been seeking a natural rug for your living area. We provide a range of designs in acid-washed cowhide rugs that are natural, patterned, solid-dyed, and metallic.

Robust, Sustainable, and Reasonably Priced

Cowhide leather is a particular kind of leather created from cow skins. It is essentially the hairy skin of a cow. It is constructed from genuine, unbleached cowhide leather. Even though every cowhide is different, they all have the same colors and patterns. The best option if you want something unique for your house is genuine cowhide.
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