Hand Turfed Rugs

Modern Interior Design with Hand-tufted Carpets

Because they demand less time and expertise than hand woven rugs, hand knotted rugs may be produced more rapidly and affordably. A hand-tufted rug is made by pulling loops of yarn through the backing cloth with the use of hand-held instruments. Subsequently, the loops undergo shearing, creating a level cut-pile surface. A piece of cloth should be attached to the back of hand-tufted carpets to secure the loop.

Our Priority Is Your Happiness

We look out for our customers’ well-being and provide them environmentally friendly rugs solutions. We serve our deserving clientele excellent rugs solutions.

Hand-Tufting Rugs - Great Choice Of Personalization

Designers are able to produce unique patterns, hues, and dimensions to satisfy their clients’ particular requirements. Because of this, hand-tufted carpets are a popular option for homeowners and interior designers who wish to give their spaces a distinctive and customized appearance.
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